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Motorcycle Bluetooth
Helmet Headset

Now support working simultaneously with your phone and  walkie talkie

Starting from $29.99


Advanced Technology & Design

Sleek, ergonomic, and packed with advanced features for the ultimate riding experience. Our product design combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly functionality, resulting in a helmet headset that is both safe and intuitive to use.
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Connecting Port


Indicator Light

PTT Button

Power On/Off




Charging Port

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PTT Button for Walkie-talkie/Zello App

Voice Assistant Button

(Siri/Google Assistant, etc.)

Pause/Continue Music

Adjust Volume +/-

Answer/Hang Up Phone Calls

Handlebar Holder

Dedicated Handlebar Controller

Special designed handlebar controller. With multiple functional buttons available, you can use voice assistant, pause/continue music, adjust volume, answer/hang up phone calls, or press PTT button to communicate other riders through walkie-talkies* or Zello App.

*Requires Bluetooth availability on walkie-talkie, or using Herda Bluetooth adapter on walkie-talkie

Specially designed sticker & clip mounts make sure the headset can place onto the helmet tight and firmly.

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Fits All Cycling & Riding Helmets

Universal compatible and connectible with all Bluetooth devices, such as smart phones, walkie-talkies, MP3, navigators, etc.

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Connects All Bluetooth Devices

The quick charge function can fully charge in 2 hours. An 850mAh big battery can bring up to 25 hours of extended battery life.

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Long Battery Life, Quick Charge


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40mm Large Caliber Speakers

Advanced audio technology delivers Hi-Fi level crystal clear sound, whether you’re listening to music, taking calls, or using navigation. Upgrade your riding experience, and discover a new level of audio excellence with our helmet headsets.

Noise-cancellation Microphone

The specially designed microphone provides clear audio transmission, even at high speeds or in windy conditions. The noise cancellation technology will make your voice clear without background noise. So whether you’re taking calls or giving instructions, our helmet headsets ensure you’ll always be heard loud and clear.

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IP67 Waterproof

The IP67 waterproof level ensures that your helmet headset will remain fully functional in any weather condition. Rain, sleet, snow, or even a heavy downpour, our helmet headsets can withstand it all.

Customisable Product Colors

The unique color customization options of the helmet headset allow you to choose from a wide range of vibrant and stylish colors to match your style and bike. So whether you want to stand out from the crowd or to fit headset style to your helmet, our helmet headsets give you the freedom to express yourself.
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About Us

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We Focus On Products

For nine years, we have been at the forefront of two-way radio innovation. We now blend our latest technologies into this top-of-the-line helmet headset for riders everywhere. With a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a leader in the industry, known for our cutting-edge technology and unmatched durability.

Product Specifications

Herda H1 Motorcycle Helmet Headset
Bluetooth Version

V 5.2

Waterproof Level

IP67 Water/Dustproof

Noise Cancellation

Up to 120km/h (Mic)

Music Quality

High Fidelity (Hi-Fi)

Battery Capacity

850 mAh

Battery Life

22-25 Hours

Product Color

Orange, Yellow, Silver

Intercom Function

Supported via Zello App & Walkie-talkie

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Herda H1 product box includes:
H1 Helmet Headset Main Body * 1
Handlebar Remote Controller with PTT * 1
Handlebar Remote Control Elastic Ring * 4
Headset Cradle * 1
Headset Cradle Clamp * 1
Headset Cradle Glue Tape * 1
35mm Speaker Set * 1
Speaker Velcro * 2
Wired Microphone * 1
Boom Microphone * 1
Velcro for Wired Microphone * 1
Charging Cable (Type-C) * 1

The Herda H1 can last for up to 25 hours on one charge under normal temperature. Moreover, the fast charge allows you to fully charge in 2 hours.

Yes, it will still work. The Herda H1 helmet headset is designed with IP67 rugged design, which means it can work in rain, sand, dust weather or muddy environments. The handlebar controller is also IP67 rugged for the best reliability.

The battery life is about 3 months. The handlebar controller is also rechargeable. It has a Type-C Charging port, you can take it off the handlebar to charge with the headset, or charge through a power bank without uninstalling it.

Yes, you can. The helmet headset can connect two devices at the same time, and can auto-switch voice to walkie-talkie/smartphone when you press the PTT/music button or receive the walkie-talkie voice/phone call.

No, cellular is not needed. However, If you use an internet intercom app like Zello for communication, cellular is required to use the app.

All Herda Bluetooth product supports the most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 connection. The latest connection technology integrates the latest audio technologies that significantly improve audio quality. Moreover, it is more power efficient for longer battery life. The connection distance is better, and pairing capabilities are faster and more secure.

Unfortunately, the helmet headset currently cannot communicate with other helmet intercom systems. However, you can communicate with other riders that also use internet intercom apps like Zello or walkie-talkies.

FAQ For Bulk Order

Contacting us is very easy. Simply fill out the quote form, leave your contacts (Email and/or phone number), and we will reach you in 12 hours.

The process is simple: Let us know your detailed requirements, order quantity, and shipping address. We will give you the price quote, shipping fees, and delivery times. Once we receive the payment or deposit, we will manufacture and ship the product following the requirements in the agreement.

The price is based on the quantity. The more the order quantity, the better the price.

We offer a warranty period of one year for all products sold. Within one year, if non-human damage takes place, we offer free repair & replacement.

Yes, we can customise the product logo and package, MOQ applied. Send us a quick quote, leave your contacts and tell us your needs. We will reach you in 12 hours.

Our products comply with most international standards, and so do our manufacturing standards. Certifications we have will be provided upon request. For any special certification requirements, please contact us for further discussion.

The manufacturing time is subject to the order quantity, production schedule, and capacity. Usually, all orders will be manufactured and shipped in 7 working days.

We support T/T, L/C, and Paypal in CNY & USD, and all payments should be paid before shipment.

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