7 Best Walkie-talkies for Kids In 2023

Looking for a fun and affordable way to keep in touch with your kids while camping, hiking, biking, or fishing? Check out our review of the top 7 walkie-talkies for kids that are not only fun but also practical and reliable for use in areas without cellular signal
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The best walkie-talkies for kids are another ingredient for fun playtime. With a walkie-talkie in the mix, kids can have more fun, and you can interact with them 24/7. 

These walkie-talkies aren’t just fun. They are also cheaper than mobile phones and are used in areas without any signal. So while camping, hiking, biking, or fishing, you can have them with you and your family. This article reviews 7 of the best walkie-talkies for kids.

But before our list…

Do kids need walkie-talkies? When Can Kids Use Walkie-talkies?

There are several reasons why a child might need a walkie-talkie. First, they are your go-to communication tool if you’re taking your children on a cruise and want to (almost) always be able to reach them. 

But that’s not the only time you’ll wish your child had a walkie-talkie. They’ll come in handy while playing hide-and-seek, shopping, on a playground, hiking, biking, or in any other scenario.

They are a fun way to interact with your children in and out of the house. And as an added benefit, there’s no such thing as “no signal.”

But the big question is, how old should your child be before you hand them a walkie-talkie? Many manufacturers recommend that walkie-talkies are used by kids older than three. Their reason is the small parts that present choking hazards for younger kids.

So if your radio’s manufacturer says the product isn’t for kids below 3 years, listen to them. But choking hazards aside, there’s another risk — strangers can eavesdrop and try to interact with your kids.

And that’s why it’s always best to get a walkie-talkie with many channels and privacy codes. These features help reduce the risk of a stranger listening in. Also, give your child the safety talk, and you’ll be ready.

Younger kids say 3 to 5 years old, should only use a walkie-talkie with some supervision. 

7 Best Walkie-talkies For Kids

In no particular order, here’s a summary of our top 7 walkie-talkies:

ProductApproximate Cost ($)Weight (Ounces)Unique Feature
Obuby walkie-talkies$28 to $409.1IP rating of 5; it’s waterproof.
Retevis RT-388$20 to $212.8Has different call tones and a low-battery alarm tone.
Qniglo walkie-talkies$37 to $508.4Has a rechargeable battery and FM radio
Motorola T100 $37 to $454.0Battery life of 18 hours and auto-squelch function
GOCOM G2$349.1Mode Button for switching between two-way and weather mode. Plus, it’s waterproof.
Selieve walkie-talkies$36 to $257.0Drop-resistant and offers provision for earpiece connection
HB3 walkie-talkieNil5.64Conforms to FRS, MURS, and PMR446 standards. Plus, it has BCL and TOT functions.
Summary of 7 Best Walkie Talkies

Obuby Walkie-talkies


  • Has a maximum range of 3km in an open field
  • Offers clear sound; thus, children can hear well — it has no static
  • Explicitly designed for kids — it comes in vibrant colors and is small enough to fit their tiny palms
  • It isn’t rechargeable. Instead, it has replaceable batteries
  • It comes with 22 channels which are great for privacy and security but can be a bit tough for kids to navigate back to.
  • Built-in LED flashlight for outdoor or indoor play during evenings
  • It weighs 9.1 ounces and has an IP rating of IPX5; it’s waterproof.

The Obuby toy walkie-talkie is a 3-in-1 pack for a good birthday gift for kids aged 3 to 12. It provides good communication between kids and their parents (or other kids).

The walkie-talkies are helpful for indoor and outdoor activities. These activities include shopping, hide and seek, playground, traveling, hiking, and roughing it up in a summer camp.

The device is easy to use and comes with an auto-squelch function. This function mutes background noise so kids can communicate even in noisy shopping malls or playgrounds. 

Another exciting feature that makes it a must-have is the VOX feature. With the VOX feature, there’s no worry about your child forgetting to use the PTT button. Instead, they only need to talk on the walkie-talkie, and you’ll hear them.

Other features include the CTCSS button, adjustable volume controls, a button lock, and an LCD screen. The LCD screen displays vital information, including the channel number and the device’s battery status.

With the battery status up for display, you’ll always know when the batteries are due for replacement. In addition, the button lock features help prevent your child from wandering off the chosen channel.

And that’s not all; the deal gets even juicier! With an IPX5 waterproof rating, you can rest assured that water splashes and a light rain drizzle won’t ruin it. Here’s more on how to protect your waterproof walkie-talkies.

The Obuby walkie-talkies are great, but will you be buying them? Remember that it’s light for kids to hold, has a belt clip so your child won’t quickly lose it, and has comfy buttons.

Retevis RT-388


  • It has 10 different call tones and a low-battery alarm tone
  • Great for outdoor and indoor activities
  • It has a keypad lock — practical if your kids are the best button-pushers ever
  • It has 22 channels and 99 CTCSS/DCS 
  • Completely hands-free as it has provision for connecting headphones 
  • It weighs 2.8 ounces and requires 4 AAA batteries per walkie-talkie

Available in black, blue, and yellow, Retevis RT-388 is a stunning device for kids. Unless your kid’s favorite color is yellow, blue and black are better choices. Why? Your kid won’t think it’s for children when they get older.

The FRS license-free walkie-talkie is a 2-in-1 pack with 22 channels, an LCD screen, and a keypad lock. The product is easy for outdoor activities and adventurous missions like hiking, camping, biking, playground, and indoor games.

Moreover, its CTCSS/DCS function can help reduce the chances of your kids hearing strangers. And yes, it has VOX enabled, so your child doesn’t have to use the push-to-talk button before communicating.

Like the Obuby toys, it has a belt clip that holds it in place. It also has a LED flashlight and an auto-squelch function that helps reduce background noise. But it isn’t waterproof or water-resistant, so keep away from water.

A closely related device is the Retevis RT628 which I had difficulty choosing between both models. The price tag for both products is almost insignificant, but the RT628 is meant for kids aged 5 to 13. While the Retevis RT-388 is for kids aged 3 and older.

Qniglo walkie-talkies


  • It weighs 8.4 ounces and is wearable
  • It uses UHF technology and comes with 1 non-removable lithium polymer battery; thus, it’s rechargeable.
  • Available in several colors and pack options
  • In-built colorful light
  • It has an FM radio
  • Giftable and comes with a gift wrap
  • It has an auto-scan and calls alert
  • It has a 2.5mm earpiece and mic jack

When your child isn’t wearing it as a colorful pendant, they can also wear it as a wristwatch. The Qniglo walkie-talkies for kids are rechargeable and best suitable for kids aged 3 to 12.

It is available in several colors: red, blue, pink, green, yellow, and purple. In addition, these colorful walkie-talkies are also available in packs — from 2-n-1 to 6-in-1 packs. Thus, you can make a single purchase if you want the same product for several kids.

Qniglo walkie-talkie toys have a range of 3 miles in an open field and a range of 0.5 to 1 mile in a residential environment. This range makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use during camping, biking, shopping, and on the playground.

It has 99 CTCSS subchannel codes that reduce external interference while on any of its 22 channels for extra protection. And that’s not all. With this product, you can get call alerts if someone is trying to reach you or your kids.

Although it doesn’t come with an earpiece, it has a 2.5mm earpiece jack, so you can use it completely hands-free. While hands-free, you can wear it on your neck using the lanyard or wrist with the watch strap.

The downside is that it isn’t water-resistant, so you might want to speak briefly to the kids.

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio


  • It comes with 22 channels but no privacy codes
  • It has a battery life of 18 hours and requires 3 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Each pack has two T100 radios and 2 belt clips
  • It has a low-battery alert
  • It comes with scan and auto-squelch features
  • It has a call tone and keypad lock

Motorola has undoubtedly made a name for itself when it comes to walkie-talkies. But with “name” comes a high price tag. However, the T100 is relatively cheap. So if you’re a Motorola fan and want something for the whole family, here it is.

This product is a 2-in-1 pack, and it comes in blue. It’s part of the Talkabout series and not the best product in there. But it works well if you want something for everyday communication, especially with the kids on outdoor activities.

It’s colorful enough for younger kids and looks mature for you and the older kids. It features 22 channels and helps keep your family in touch when hiking, picnicking, biking, or at the playground.

You can activate the keypad lock with the Motorola T100 to keep the button pushers from messing with the settings. The product is also waterproof and withstands splash, drizzle, and rain.

And no, don’t expect to get anything near the 16 miles as advertised. The best this device can pull up is 1 mile. For casual family use, the T100 is a great buy. If you want another color like pink, the T107 is your go-to product.

GOCOM G2 FRS Walkie-talkies


  • It has 22 FRS channels and 121 sets of CTCSS/CDCSS codes with a frequency range of 462 – 467MHz
  • It weighs 9.1 ounces and is available in green
  • It has an IP rating of 4. Thus it’s waterproof
  • Features a LED flashlight and NOAA weather channels
  • It has a keypad lock and scan features
  • It comes with the auto-squelch function 
  • It has a “Mode Button” for switching between two-way and weather mode
  • It has a battery saver mode and a low battery alert

The GoCom G2 walkie-talkies are ideal for kids, teens, and adults; it’s a family walkie-talkie. This two-way radio offers a better range than Motorola T100 radios in the open sea, between mountains, and while in town. 

Its auto-squelch helps eliminate unwanted background noise. Thus, if your kids are at a noisy playground or mall, you can communicate with them with a crystal clear voice.

These two-way radios are suitable for various scenarios because of their IP rating. Moreover, with its VOX hands-free feature, you can talk without pushing the PTT button. And since it’s waterproof, you can use it for fishing, hiking, and outdoor play in the snow or rain.

Selieve Walkie Talkies for Kids


  • Available in colors like blue and pink
  • Features 22 channels with 99 CTCSS sub-codes and a maximum talk range of 3 km
  • Powered with 4 AAA batteries which aren’t included at purchase
  • Offers provision for earpiece connection
  • It comes with belt clips
  • It has a LED flashlight which is helpful for nighttime adventures
  • It weighs 7 ounces, thus making it easy for 3 to 12-year-olds to carry

As Amazon’s Choice for “walkie-talkies for kids,” it goes without saying that parents and kids dig this product. Selieve’s cute pair of walkie-talkies can be the radio your kids would love to own and use.

These walkie-talkies offer a clear sound and have a keypad lock function that prevents your kids from changing the settings. They are great for indoor and outdoor activities like shopping in the mall, summer camping, and hiking.

They aren’t water-resistant, so using them in the snow or rain is a no from the manufacturers. If you want something waterproof, try another product on the list. 

When biking or climbing, your kids can clip it to their backpacks and connect an earpiece for communication. And yes, it’s drop-resistant. In addition, it has a sturdy and firm build as it is not made from cheap plastic material.

HB3 Walkie Talkie with Wireless Headset & PTT


  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 module so it can connect with wireless headsets
  • Has built-in VOX and TOT functions
  • It has a noise reduction mic that ensures crystal clear voice
  • It weighs 5.64 ounces and has a battery life of 40 hours (rechargeable battery)
  • Can operate on both UHF and VHF frequencies
  • It comes with a wireless headset, belt clip, and hanging strap
  • Has BCL (busy channel lockout) enabled

Unlike the other products, this device conforms to FRS, MURS, and PMR446 standards. Think of it as some international walkie-talkie for your family.

If you ever change location, you must change the walkie-talkie mode from FRS (if you were in the US) to PMR446 (for the UK).

One of its most exciting features is its BCL function which prevents other users from transmitting on your chosen frequency. With its BCL and CTCSS/DCS codes, you are guaranteed that your kids can safely use this walkie-talkie. Yes, without any random stranger trying to communicate with your kids.

The HB3 is great for indoor and outdoor use. For example, your kids can easily clip them to their backpacks when biking or hiking. It’s the right multipurpose walkie-talkie that will serve your family for years.


If none of the 7 we’ve reviewed so far appeals to you or the kids, here are some other top choices worth checking out: 

  • Tintec
  • Nestling walkie-talkies 
  • Connecom walkie-talkie
  • Wishouse walkie-talkies for kids and adults

Features To Watch Out For When Buying Kids’ Walkie-talkies

There are several features you should keep an eye on (or two if need be). These features ensure you get a good deal for your money and ensure your children’s safety.

  • Long Talking range: A walkie-talkie without a good signal range is awful, just like a phone without a signal. If your child is out of range, communication will halt, so get something with a good range. Test out the coverage once you get your radios.
  • Safety features: Never buy a kid’s walkie-talkie with no safety features like privacy codes and the BCL function. These will help prevent strangers from eavesdropping on your kids or interacting with them.
  • The number of channels: The more radio channels your radio can have, the more privacy you might get. A radio with only a few channels doesn’t give you enough options if you’re in a crowded place. 
  • High-quality sound: If you and your child can’t hear each other with a clear sound over the radio, it’s pointless carrying it around. Good walkie-talkies should offer crystal-clear sound.
  • Battery life: Rechargeable or not, the batteries shouldn’t need charging or replacement now and then. So before you purchase, check out how many hours you can get with a full battery. Also, consider getting something with a low battery alert lest you’re caught off guard.
  • Ease of use: The design should be easy for your kid to use. If it has a lot going on, especially with the buttons, you should try something else. 
  • Durability: While having a cute design is nice, it’s not pretty if you have to buy a replacement every time. Buy something durable that can withstand a fall.

Final Words

Walkie-talkies are always a good idea; these are some of the best for kids in 2023. These walkie-talkies eliminate the need to get your child a phone until you’re ready. And let’s not forget that it’s plenty of playtime for you and your loved ones.

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