Helmet Bluetooth Headset

Blended with our industrial-leading Bluetooth technology, our Helmet  Communication Headset is one of the most advanced on the market. All our radio headsets have attached a unique, dedicated handlebar remote control with PTT (Push-To-Talk), which is available for walkie-talkie & Zello.
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Bluetooth Headsets for Radios

Bluetooth helmet headsets are fitted with Bluetooth functionality. These headsets are designed with Bluetooth capability specifically for helmets. They connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with your phone, GPS device, or connect to your walkie-talkie, allowing you to communicate with other riders. 

How to Use Bluetooth Headsets

You can connect your Bluetooth radio headset to different devices 

Bluetooth Headset for Radios

You can use a motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headset with your two-way way radio. All you need to do is to connect your walkie-talkie and headset wirelessly via Bluetooth. 

Headset for radio lets you use your two-way radio hands-free while riding. Hence, you can talk to other riders safely with less distraction. With advanced features like GPS, you can easily navigate through traffic and travel through new routes. You don’t have to stop constantly to check road maps because you can use GPS on the go with radio headsets. 

Headsets for Smartphones

Motorcycle Bluetooth headset can also be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy several features while riding. You can make and receive calls, use the GPS function, and listen to music on the road. 

It is safe to use Bluetooth headsets to listen to music while riding because they don’t pipe music directly into your ears, reducing the risk of hearing problems. Also, it reduces distraction on the road. 

Benefits of Bluetooth Radio Headsets


Bluetooth helmet headsets are very comfortable. Since they eliminate the need for wires, you can use them comfortably. You can also communicate and navigate without needing to stop. 


Safety on the road is paramount, and listening to music or talking over the phone while riding can be dangerous. But with a Bluetooth headset, you can safely listen to music and make calls, with less distraction.  

Clear Communication

The noise on the road can make it difficult to listen clearly. But headsets help you hear clearly, especially those with noise-canceling features. 

Choosing Radio Headsets

Herda helmet headset is integrated with Bluetooth capability for seamless communication. Equipped with an excellent speaker, they deliver loud and clear audio. They also have a handlebar remote control which features a PTT button for hands free use and Zello App compatibility. You can also connect with other radio and radio accessories.

bluetooth headset for radios


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