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Home Intercom System

Home intercom systems or house intercom systems are two-way communication devices that allow you to speak to a visitor without opening the door. Home intercom, like the homepod intercom systems, allows you to communicate inside the house, from room to room. They consist of either audio or video capability, or both, allowing you to see and speak to the person at the door or gate.  

The house intercom system allows for two-way communication within the house or front door.  You can talk to someone in another room using this intercom.

Herda’s home intercom systems can also connect with your smart device, allowing you to control your intercom remotely.  

The door or gate intercom system is designed specifically for outdoors use. It allows you to communicate with visitors and identify them before opening the door or gate.  

Main types of Home Intercom Systems 

  • Wired

Wired home intercom systems are hardwired, connecting them to the units inside the house. It requires more installation than wireless systems and also provides a reliable means of communication.  

  • Wireless 

On the other hand, wireless home intercoms don’t require hardwiring between the intercom units. They connect wirelessly via radio frequency. Hence, they are easier to install.  

Why Use a Home Intercom System? 

Enhanced Security

Home intercom systems provide extra security by letting you know your visitors before opening up. You can even see visitors, and the camera can catch trespassers, enabling you to take the necessary security measures.  


Answering the door can be quite inconvenient, especially when you are busy. This intercom system allows you to answer the door with more convenience. Intercoms helps you conveniently talk to family members without leaving your room. 

Peace of Mind

A secure home brings peace of mind, and with a home intercom, you can improve security. You don’t have to worry about intruders since you can identify who is at the door before you open. When outdoors, you can also monitor activities at home with a video intercom.  

Choosing the Correct House Intercom

All Herda’s intercoms provide a safe and secure home and we have many homepod intercoms to choose from, our intercom products offer convenience for homes. With full-duplex communication capability, you can enjoy two-way communication with visitors before opening the door. You can improve your home security with our long-lasting, durable, and reliable house intercom systems. 

Herda’s systems, like the wireless intercom doorbell, allow you to enjoy seamless two-way communication with an extensive range. Our easy-to-setup waterproof electronics are BSCI and FCC certified, giving you the extra assurance you need.  

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