Radio Bluetooth Adapter & Earphones

Industrial-leading walkie-talkie Bluetooth add-on solutions including earpieces for radios. With a wireless headset included in the box, the Bluetooth plugin can instantly make you use the walkie-talkie wirelessly. The plugin also supports connecting your helmet headsets (Cardo, Sena, etc.) to walkie-talkies.

Earpieces for Radios and Accessories

Radio accessories are devices or things you can add to your two-way radio to make it more functional or attractive. 

Radio Earpieces 

Earpieces are the different accessories that cover the ear, including earbuds, earphones, and headsets. Radio earpiece accessories make it easier to use your walkie-talkie. They also enhance audio clarity, especially in noisy environments. The radio earpiece can either be wired or wireless. 

You can use earphone radios when:

  • Holding a walkie-talkie may be dangerous, inconvenient, or distracting. For example, motorcyclists can use them to avoid distractions while riding. Hikers, climbers, or workers operating heavy-duty machines can also use earpieces.
  • In a noisy environment that can drastically reduce audio clarity. For example, event management teams use earpieces to communicate during events. Also, on-the-go workers can use radio earpieces to improve audio clarity on the road.
  • You want to communicate discreetly in a public place. For example, when people need to pass sensitive information or at the office, to reduce distraction.
  • You want to use your radio hands-free for other reasons.

Other Radio Accessories

Besides radio earpiece accessories, there are other accessories you can add to your walkie-talkie. They include:

Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth adapter is a device that allows you to connect your walkie-talkie wirelessly via Bluetooth with other accessories like your speaker microphone or earpiece. It enables you to connect a Bluetooth device to a two-way radio that doesn’t have Bluetooth capability.

Speaker Microphone

Speaker microphones comprise a speaker and microphone. The speaker mic brings the microphone and speaker closer to your mouth so you can send and receive voice signals without holding your radio. This device has a clip to fit it on your shoulder or in your pocket.

External Push-to-Talk Button

External PTT buttons provide external push-to-talk functions. These buttons allow you to send voice signals without touching your walkie-talkie. All you need to do is to press the external PTT button to start talking.

Choosing Earpieces for Radios 

Because we know the significant advantage radio accessories offer, Herda has designed a range of two-way radio accessories, including wireless speaker microphones and radio earpieces for convenient hands-free use. These earphones work with a PTT button to improve ease of use. 

We also have walkie-talkie Bluetooth adapters compatible with popular radio brands like Hytera, Motorola, and Kenwood to help you pair your radio with Bluetooth accessories.

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