License-free Walkie Talkie

The upgraded convenient, practical, and elegant communication solution for service industries. Bluetooth module built inside our quality-made license-free radio, with wireless headset & dedicated PTT button attached in the product box, you’ll be sure of convenient&elegant cable-free communication while busy serving customers.

License-free Walkie-talkie Radios

License-free walkie-talkies are low-power two-way radios that don’t require licensing. These license-free communication radios work on a pre-programmed frequency band, allowing you to use them straight out of the box. 

Typically, they have low power outputs of 0.5 to 2 Watts. Hence, they have a limited short range of 1 to 2 miles.  A license-free hand radio is cheaper and easier to purchase and use than the licensed radios.  

There are different types of license-free walkie-talkies. Some come with Bluetooth capability, while others don’t. There’s also the mini walkie-talkie, which is smaller than the conventional one.  

License-free Bluetooth Walkie-talkie

License-free Bluetooth walkie-talkies are license-free two-way radios that come with Bluetooth connectivity. These radios can connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth-enabled systems with added Bluetooth capability.

Hence, License free Bluetooth walkie-talkies allow you to use other accessories or devices with your walkie-talkies, including headsets and wireless PTT buttons. Users across different fields can conveniently use their Bluetooth walkie-talkie even when it is inconvenient to hold the radio.  

Mini License free Walkie-talkie Radios

Mini walkie-talkies are the mini version of the license-free hand radio. It comes in a more lightweight, compact size, enabling easy and convenient use. Meanwhile, it doesn’t compromise quality and offers clear audio over a reasonable range.  

What are the Benefits of License-Free Bluetooth Radios?

Ease of Setup

License-free radios are easy to set up. They don’t require a lot of configuration as they come mostly pre-programmed. Hence, you can almost use them straight out of the box. 


Bluetooth license-free hand radios are popular and affordable. Since they don’t require licensing, all you need is the initial cost of the radio. You don’t need to pay for licensing.  

Choosing License Free Bluetooth Walkie Talkie

Our license-free radios offer enhanced communication capabilities, allowing you to communicate clearly with friends and family. With a lightweight, compact design and a long battery life, you can talk to others anywhere without worries. 

From our B1 to B5 series and other models, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the best quality as our radios are designed according to FRS and PMR446 guidelines. Our models include Bluetooth license-free radios for better handsfree use and the lightweight mini walkie-talkie. 

license free bluetooth walkie talkie


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