Two Way Radios

The simple, practical solution for site communication is widely used for industries from construction to hospitality. State-of-the-art technology, outstanding performance with substantial value, perfect for bustle workforce.

Two-way Walkie-talkies

Two-way walkie-talkies are handheld radios that support two-way communication. Usually, only one person can talk at a time. This is called the half-duplex mode. Hence, the listener will be in receiver mode while the transmitter speaks. These radios typically come with a Push to Talk (PTT) button that enables the user to talk. There are two types of two-way radios: 

License-free Walkie-talkies

License-free walkie-talkies do not require any licensing before use. They usually come with pre-programmed frequency channels that can be used by anyone. Typically, they have low power output, limiting their communication range.  

Licensed Radios

Licensed two way communication radios are two-way radios that require a license from a licensing body before use. These two way radios have a higher power output, extended range, and extra features. You can access channels that are not open to the general public, reducing the risk of interference. 

While license-free walkie-talkies are less expensive and easier to use, there may be better solutions for you. Since their channels are opened, there are higher chances of interference. There is no privacy and information security. 

Several individuals could benefit from licensed two-way walkie-talkies: 

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Hikers, bikers, motorcyclists, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts can use the long-range radio to communicate. 

Field Workers

Field workers often experience interference. Hence, they need better solutions like the licensed two-way walkie-talkie. 


Offices can also enjoy more secure communication amongst their different units with two-way hand radios. 


Professional users across various sectors, including security workers, first responders, etc., can enjoy reliable and secure communication with these radios. 

Government Agencies

Privacy is crucial in the government sector, and with two-way hand radios, government agencies can communicate more effectively and securely.  

Choosing Two Way Radios

Herda Radio offers reliable communication with the different models of two-way walkie-talkies. These two way handheld radios are built according to the GMRS, MURS, and PMR446 communication standards to ensure the best standard. 

Our Two-way walkie-talkies feature a compact and rugged design. They are durable, dustproof, drop and shock resistant for long-lasting use. With other useful features like VOX, scrambler, and the battery-saver function, you can expect an excellent user experience.  

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