How to Choose the Perfect House Intercom System

how to choose the perfect house intercom system

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Intercom For Your Home

Thinking about getting a home intercom system? When you think about an intercom, you probably think that it’s going to be expensive and only for those in gated communities or commercial buildings. However, a home intercom system is actually much more affordable than many people think.  In fact, they are getting to be very common, as we have cameras and video everywhere in our world these days.  You can even make video phone calls, so why wouldn’t you be able to monitor who is coming and going from your home?

Sure, they have some complex systems out there, typically found in commercial settings where you will need enhanced security. However, a home intercom system can be quite simple but can offer some pretty amazing benefits and security as well. 

When you decide that maybe it’s time to have better security for your home, there really isn’t anything much better than a home intercom. These systems are designed to allow you to speak and, in some cases, see who’s at your door before you ever open it.  However, there are certainly other things that can be done with an intercom system as well.  

Choosing Home Intercom

Improved Security At Home

Most people look at getting an intercom system to improve security. When you are letting someone into an apartment, you want to be sure that it is who you think it is. This can mean something as simple as a push to talk, or you could have a video. The same goes for opening up the door of your home. You want to see who’s out there before you just open the door for anyone. That’s where a video intercom would make a great choice. Once you have established if you want video or not, you’ll then need to look into what quality of video you need. If you live in a higher crime area, you may even want a video that will automatically turn on with a sign of movement, to ensure that you are capturing everyone that approaches the door. The perfect house system is different for everyone, as you can see. So, first, sit down and decide what features you’d like to have on your home intercom system.


Once you have a list of features, another issue you need to consider is whether it’s expandable. Do you need it to be expandable? You might find having a home intercom system is quite nice, but you’d like to have one at each door, perhaps have something on both the upper floor and lower floor too. Sometimes, you don’t realize how much you’ll use it until you have one installed. The perfect house system can really change the way you do things. 

Mobile App Compatibility

Some home intercom systems work with mobile apps, allowing you to “check-in” wherever you might be. This is nice, as you don’t have to necessarily have intercom stations inside. You can have them right on your phone. Some apps will even allow you to check your system remotely, allowing you to open the garage door for someone who is pet sitting or needing inside your home for other reasons. They can offer things such as temporary access too.

Weather Resistant and Durability

Depending on where you live, your intercom system could be exposed to a number of elements. You want to choose a system that can handle those elements and, in some cases, even look at providing a shelter for the intercom to ensure reliability and longevity.

Ease of Use and Installation

This is a big consideration. You want an intercom system that is easy to use but also easy to install for those that are less than handy. Many systems these days come wireless and install very easily. However, if you want added security or if WIFI isn’t an option, wired intercom systems might be the way to go. You want to find a system that will have clear instructions and easy to understand and use.

Integration Capabilities

Some intercom systems will work with other smart devices. If you have other smart home devices in your home already, be sure that you choose an intercom system that will work with those devices. If you plan to get more smart devices, then you should be sure to choose an intercom that is compatible with other devices, such as a garage door opener or interior lights.  

Visitor Management

Visitor management is another feature for homes using intercom systems. You can establish codes so various people can let themselves in. The system will track those codes, which means you’ll know who’s in the house at all times.  
As you can see, the perfect house system is different for everyone. There are many features and options for better communication in home than you might have expected. Homes using intercom systems are far more secure and allow you to track who’s entering your home, get video of who’s at your door, and more. 

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