The Advantages of Using Walkie-Talkies for Skiing Trips

the advantages of using walkie talkies for skiing trips

User Guide Tips on Using Walkie Talkies when Skiing in the Mountains 

Venturing to the snowy slopes for a winter getaway promises thrills and memorable moments. When you’re out there, maintaining contact with your group becomes key, whether it’s to share your location or organize a midday rendezvous for lunch. Although many of us rely on cell phones, they can be finicky in mountainous terrain and aren’t as durable as trusty walkie-talkies – one mishap, and it may be the death of your phone. That’s where the use of walkie-talkies when skiing becomes quite essential to have in your gear. 
What’s more, trying to use a cell phone while bundled up in gloves and winter gear can be a real challenge. This is where the advantages of walkie-talkies come into play during your skiing escapades. Furthermore, it’s important to stay safe while skiing and walkie-talkies certainly help with that. Let’s look into the perks of walkie-talkies and why you should contemplate adding them to your gear for your upcoming ski trip.

Harsh Conditions

It’s not a secret that when you’re taking to the slopes, you are starting out on an adventure that may not go as planned. The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable at times, making it hard to see and navigate. While playing in the snow, the moisture will get all over the devices, which is why it’s so important to ensure they are watertight. Most cell phones are not capable of surviving these types of conditions. However, walkie-talkies are much more durable and capable of withstanding tough weather, including the cold. The cold can certainly affect various electronic devices. However, it is not match when using walkie-talkies.

Easy to Use with Ski Gear

We previously discussed the challenge of using walkie-talkies with gloves, but another hurdle is the ability to hear them when stashed in your pocket. Hearing their ringing or alerts can be a bit of a scavenger hunt, especially when they’re tucked away for protection against snow, moisture, and cold temperatures.
However, walkie-talkies offer a solution by allowing you to wear them on the outside of your gear. This convenient placement ensures easy access, whether you need to signal your friends for assistance or excitedly share the discovery of a fantastic new skiing route. With a walkie-talkie hanging at your side, you can quickly alert your entire party with a simple button press, enhancing your skiing experience.

the advantages of using walkie talkies for skiing trips

Improved Battery Life

The battery life of a cell or mobile phone greatly decreases in the cooler skiing temperatures. Furthermore, it often has apps and other things running in the background, as it’s much more advanced, being more of a microcomputer. This leads to the battery being drained much quicker than that of a walkie-talkie. A walkie-talkie battery will outlast any battery found in a cell phone. This helps with staying safe when skiing, as you know your device will be up and ready to send out an alert when needed. In fact, the batteries, when they are used very minimally, can last for days, improving your chances of a rescue should something happen. 

Walkie-Talkies Assist with Coordinating your Groups

Coordination is important when you go skiing with a group, especially if the ski hills are massive. Keeping everyone together and organized makes for a much more fun day at the slopes. However, it’s hard to keep everyone together, especially if they have different skill levels. But, when you have walkie talkies, you can easily find each other throughout the day to enjoy a ride on the lift together and show them a run you found that you think they might enjoy, all with ease. If you have ever skied, you know how hard it is to utilize a cell phone. Those on the slopes cannot hear the rings and alerts. Not to mention, they aren’t going to take off all their gear to respond back. But, with a walkie-talkie, preferably wireless, you can respond instantly with a push of a button, even while skiing down the hills! This ensures that everyone stays in touch and has the best time possible.

Easier to Take People of All Skill Levels

People with different skill levels often don’t want to ski together, as it’s hard to stay in touch. Perhaps you are a parent who wants to take your child to the slopes to learn how to ski but doesn’t want to stay with them throughout the entire day. Walkie Talkies, when skiing, allows you to keep in touch, no matter where they are on the hills. This will enable you to stop back in on the different slopes to see their progress and maybe do a few of the smaller runs with them, allowing everyone to have a great time, no matter their skill level. Furthermore, you are simply a push button away should your child need you in case of an emergency or injury. Ski with peace of mind, knowing that they can communicate with you effectively at any time. 

using walkie talkies for skiing trips
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