How To Choose Long-range Walkie-talkie Radios?

how to choose long range walkie talkie radios

What to look for when choosing the best long range walkie talkie – what features to consider in your new long distance radio. 

When choosing long-range radios, there are some things to consider. What are you going to do with the radio? Who is the radio for? Will it need a long battery life? Should you consider its durability? Everyone will be using their long-range hand radios for different purposes. The goal is to ensure that you are choosing long-distance hand radios that will work for your particular situation. Whether you need simple access with a push of a button or you need long distance that will involve cell towers, it is imperative that you look for the features that are important to you.

As you might expect, when choosing walkie-talkies for long distances, you’ll need to do some research. You’ll need to start with a list of features you’d like to see and determine what sort of distance you are going to need it for and if you have cell phone service or not. These questions are things that only you know and can answer. Once you have the list of features, you can then go about choosing long-range radios that will work for your situation. 

The different features you will need will help you narrow down your search. The manufacturers of walkie-talkies have a variety of options to choose from. Keep in mind some types will force you to have an operator’s license in some countries. This means you will need to get a license to operate the long range walkie-talkie legally. These communication laws vary from country to country and, in some cases, from region to region. You’ll need to determine what licenses you need to have before choosing the walkie-talkie of your dreams.

Features To Look for When Choosing Long Range Radios

It’s pretty standard that you have a push-to-talk button on a walkie-talkie. In fact, this is one of the very reasons so many love this type of communication device. It’s easy to grasp, even when you have safety gear on, which comes in handy for those working in construction. It’s also nice for those who don’t want to take the time to fumble around with the phone to get someone on the other end.

There are other features, such as a clip, to easily carry the device around. You can also get ones that can be carried similar to a pendant or wristwatch. Some other options allow you to go completely hands-free using ear buds, headsets, and over-the-ear headsets. Furthermore, many types, styles, and brands are now made with noise-cancelling features to improve overall communications.

The battery is another concern that everyone has. You want a long range walkie talkie to have a strong battery, to last even when it’s being used a lot. Alkaline batteries were most popular in recent years, but since have been replaced with lithium-ion, which has a much longer battery life. An even better battery option is nickel metal hydride, which can last up to eight hours or more on a single charge. Keep in mind, whatever the battery; it will be affected by the temperature and weather surrounding it as well as the usage.

long range walkie talkie features to consider when choosing a radio

Consider the Range of your Long-Range Hand Radios

The range in which you’ll need your walkie-talkie to operate is another issue. You’ll want to find one that will work for the range in which you’ll need it. Some walkie-talkies only work for short ranges, so be sure that you include the term “long-range” in your search. The watt size of the transmitter will be one of these determining factors, along with antenna type and power output. Keep in mind that the manufacturers will put the ranges in which their walkie-talkies will work. However, these measurements are only true in ideal situations. If you are going to rely on your walkie-talkie in situations where there are a lot of obstructions, such as buildings, trees, or hills and valleys, that’s going to need to be considered. 

Also, you’ll need one working on the frequency that will work for you. Some frequencies are open to everyone, while others will require you to have a certain license. There are radios that can only handle being on one frequency or channel, while others will allow you to use several. This is another thing to keep in mind.

If you plan to use your radio where there are a lot of other people, you’ll probably want something that can change frequencies so that you aren’t interrupted by another group. However, some can be private, which will allow you to block out others in the area, keeping your data much safer. These private networks, however, often have fees associated with them.

Advanced Features to Consider When Choosing Walkie Talkies for Long-Distance

As we have discussed previously, some models are equipped with noise-cancelation features. You can also get models that have GPS built into them. This can be especially helpful for those who are using them remotely, such as hiking or hunting where there isn’t cell service, in case there is an emergency. Speaking of an emergency, it’s also possible, without GPS, for the authorities to find you should you have an emergency. But the GPS is far more accurate. There are also waterproof and dustproof models for those who are working in these types of environments. These are good models for those who will be using their long-range walkie-talkies outdoors for any purpose. 

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