Two Way Radios vs Smart Phones: 10 Benefits of Two-Way Hand Radios

two way radios vs smart phones

10 Benefits of Using Two Way Hand Radios – Smart Phones Compared to Hand Radios, Whats Best? 

When it comes to productivity, there is no comparison to a walkie-talkie or two-way radio. Two way hand radios have been used for years to help those in the field communicate with each other. However, as the smart phone came to be, many people thought that they would be taking over the walkie-talkie industry. But, we are seeing that simply isn’t the case. There are many benefits of two-way radios, which we will be happy to discuss here, as well as the pros and cons of two-way hand radios in comparison to Smart Phones.  Let’s take a look at those now.

1-Better Coverage

One huge benefit to using walkie-talkies over mobile phones is the coverage. You don’t have to worry if you will have cell service in the area. Smart phones tend to have a lot of dropped calls and downtime, which can be avoided by using a reputable 2 way radio.  

2-Less Costly

Smart phones can be far more costly than handheld radios. The initial investment can be more just for the equipment, and the equipment, in many cases, isn’t as rugged as you find with walkie-talkies. Furthermore, there are monthly fees for mobile phones, and then you may have roaming fees on top of that.

3-More Durable

As we have mentioned before, the devices are more durable for walkie-talkies compared to smart phones or cell phones. They used to make cell phones for the construction world, but that has since stopped, probably because people have learned that a walkie-talkie works better anyway. The best Two way hand radios are designed to be more durable and to work in all working conditions. They are regularly tested for shock, drop, and vibration to ensure they are built to last in any type of condition. They can even get wet and be used with gloves.

benefits of two way walkie talkies compared to smart phones

4-Used Under Any Conditions

Cell phones are limited because they need you to have a finger to open the screen. But, with walkie-talkies, you can use them with just about any type of glove or safety equipment.  

5-Longer Battery Life

Since our phones are used for more than just communicating, their battery tends to die much faster. Furthermore, they will oftentimes have things running in the background, using up just that much more power. But, a two-way radio is only used for communication. That’s it. Quite frankly, many times when it is used, it’s not used like a phone either. Two-way radio communication is used to just transmit information needed by the other party, not to have full-on conversations. 

6-Better in an Emergency

This is one of the main reasons people choose a walkie-talkie over a cell phone. They are easier to use; you can use them with just about any safety gear on, and they directly connect to the other party. Furthermore, they are more reliable and don’t drop service as often as a cell phone. 

7-Allows Communication between More People

Cell phones typically can only handle up to three-way calls. But, with a walkie-talkie, they can be programmed to reach out to as many as you’d like. That means that your possibilities are limitless, essentially. This is great for those in emergency services who need to communicate with an entire team all at one time. Maybe you need to tell your location or let everyone know you made it to the destination. Communication among the team is important in so many jobs, giving just another reason why walkie-talkies are better than cell phones. 

8-Better Network Security

When using a licensed two way walkie-talkie, you’ll have better security than you will on a cell phone. Cell phones operate on a public network. 

9-Easier to Use

We have sort of already said this, but they are much easier to use. When using the screen of a cell phone, you will need to have a finger available, swipe through to the app you need, and so forth. However, with a walkie-talkie, you simply need to push a button. This can be done with gloves on or other safety gear. Many times, a cell phone will have a locked screen, but with a walkie-talkie, you don’t need to lock your screen and won’t need a code, face recognition, or anything to use. This makes them far easier to use and much better for many jobs.

10-Communicate Safely While Driving

We all know that you shouldn’t be on your cell while driving. But, with walkie-talkies, it’s not considered distracted driving. This allows employees to talk while driving without worry they may become distracted. In most regions, walkie-talkies have been made exempt from laws around cell phones. 

As you can see, two-way radios certainly have a place in the world. While many people may think that they have become obsolete due to improvements in technology, which simply isn’t the case. When compared to cell phones, the benefits of two-way radios are abundantly clear. So, whether you’re looking to enhance productivity, save costs, or prioritize safety, consider the advantages of two-way radios and embrace the future of workplace communication.

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10 benefits of two way hand radios
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