What is a Two Way Radio? | Benefits of Using Two-way Hand Radios 


What Are The Benefits of Using Two Way Hand Radios? – The Purpose of a Two Way Radio. 

When we take a look closer at the terms walkie-talkie and two-way radio, we find that the walkie-talkie is always classified as a two-way radio. This means that it can both receive and send signals. But not all two-way radios are walkie-talkies. 

Walkie-talkies are considered portable, hand-held devices, while not all two-way radios are. There are desk and dash-mounted versions as well. Furthermore, when someone refers to a walkie-talkie, many people think of the cheaper models, however, that’s not always the case.

Many commercial establishments utilise a walkie-talkie/two-way radio. But, most think of a toy or a gadget that isn’t used in commercial settings when they hear the term walkie-talkie.

However, a walkie-talkie can certainly be high-tech. That’s not always the case, as there are various levels of sophistication, from unlicensed versions to the licensed versions used by places such as fire departments and hospitals. These types of models are very secure and offer a level of protection that you simply don’t get with the basic walkie-talkie model.  

When you are talking about personal information, information that you don’t want just anyone to listen to, you’ll want what they call a licensed two-way radio. This type of model will allow only those authorized on your channel, meaning that not just anyone can listen in. 

What are the Advantages of Using a Walkie Talkie/Two Way Radio?

Now that we have established that walkie-talkies are, in fact, two-way radios, let’s think about some of the advantages of using them. The biggest advantage that comes to mind is the speed at which you can communicate.  

For example, as an ambulance driver, first on the scene, you don’t have the time to dial a phone, let alone wait for someone to answer. These radios are right there. With a click of a button, you have direct communication with the hospital to provide them with all the details they need. This sort of information isn’t something you want just anyone listening into, as that would be a direct violation of the patient’s rights.   However, it’s information that you need to get through quickly. A licensed version would be perfect for this.

Other benefits of buying two-way radios are that they are super easy to use and understand. This sort of goes with the speed category. There isn’t any special training. You don’t need to fumble through screens or apps. Simply push a button. They come programmed and ready to go.  

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Different Levels of 2-Way Radio functionality

We have discussed a little about licensed and unlicensed two-way radios. However, there are different levels and types of walkie-talkies. The unlicensed versions are perfect for those using a walkie-talkie on vacation to keep track of their group or for hiking with friends. The information on this type of radio will not be secure, meaning anyone on that same channel can hear you. However, they are very economical and certainly serve a purpose.

The licensed style 2 way radios, on the other hand, are much more secure. There is a level of privacy that you simply don’t get with the unlicensed version. However, licensed versions do come with a higher cost, as you will have your own radio frequency. But, we are certain you can see the advantages and purposes of two-way radio that is licensed.

Disadvantages of Using a 2-Way Radio

There are, of course, some disadvantages to a two-way radio. For starters, the unlicensed version will allow anyone in the area to listen in on your conversations. There, at times, can be quite a bit of interference, depending on where you plan to operate the walkie-talkie. The coverage area is more limited than it is with other types of communication services. They also might not work well in certain buildings, as the radio frequency can be disrupted by certain building materials.

Purpose of a Two-Way Hand Radio

As we have previously discussed, two-way radios can be used for a variety of purposes, from emergency services to your family’s vacation. The purpose of a two-way radio can be just about anything. However, you will need to take into account the level of security you’ll need with that radio and be sure that you purchase a walkie-talkie that fits those needs. 2-way radios have many purposes and are designed for all sorts of things.  

As you can see two-way radios come in handy for a variety of situations. They are easy to use and understand, simple to grab, and work great for those needing more privacy as well as those that don’t care that they share the radio frequency. They are perfect for outdoor adventures as well as being used by police, fire fighters, and rescue teams.

The devices are fairly simple to not only operate but have been in operation for years as a simple and basic way to communicate. Over the years, improvements have been made to the design. Things such as noise cancelling and other features have been added, but the fact remains that these types of radios certainly have a place in our world. 

To find out more about the benefits of using two way walkie talkie radios, find more info here

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