17 Best Unique and Personalized Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

You don’t have to break the bank to get the perfect gift. Your options include practical motorcycle gear, motorcycling outfits, or a personalized gift.

Shopping for gifts for motorcycle riders isn’t an easy-peasy task. You can get carried away with the gear, accessories, and whatnot that you forget to consider the personality and needs of your biker.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the perfect gift. Your options include practical motorcycle gear (e.g., a detailing kit), motorcycling outfits, or a personalized gift. 

Before You Go Shopping

Wanting to buy motorcycle gear for a loved one who’s a motorcycle rider or an enthusiast is a great idea. 

But just like every gifting endeavor, it can be a wrong move if the gear doesn’t quite fit the motorcycle or isn’t their preferred brand or color.

So before you hit the list, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • The name of their motorcycle – this will come in handy and help ensure that you don’t buy gear that doesn’t fit or isn’t their style
  • Their preferred brand or color
  • What type of motorcycle gear and accessories do they want? Trust me; you don’t want to get them a detailing kit if they genuinely need a Bluetooth communication system.
  • If they will prefer that you give them the money to get it themselves or not
  • What kind of gift category do they want – a gear or a personalized gift?

Now that we’ve sorted that out, let’s jump right into our list!

PS: Most of the gift items listed below are worth around $30 or less.

Best Gifts For Motorcycle Riders


Motorcycle Jackets, T-shirts, or Gloves

It doesn’t have to be a 3-in-1 package, but what are the chances of you going wrong if you pick one of these gifts for motorcycle riders? 

It’s a safe option, especially since you likely know the type of jacket, t-shirt, or glove they’ll want. For t-shirts, it’s best to go with something that has a catchy word or saying, or you can even order a customized t-shirt.

There are different types of jackets and gloves; some have extra protective features and aren’t your plain ol’ regular ones. Get something with a detail they need, like heated gloves.

Motorcycling Earplugs

Earplugs protect their hearing! Going for motorcycle rides isn’t safe if no earplugs protect the ears from wind and the motor’s noise.

Ear damage doesn’t take years; as little as 15 minutes of exposure is enough if the noise is 100 decibels.

And that’s why it’s an excellent gift option for motorcycle riders!

Detailing Kit

When getting a detailing kit, ensure that it has a polisher, spray, rinse, water repellent, cleaning and lubrication products, wax, and non-abrasive cloth. 

And only get a detailing kit specifically meant for motorcycles. Getting something generic or meant for a car will likely not yield a fine detailing job.

Alternatively, you can book a detailing session for their motorcycle if they’d prefer to outsource the cleaning to a detailer. Cleaning a bike is more taxing than cleaning a car.

Motorcycle Helmet Visor Cleaning Kit

Rather than use their gloves or a cloth to wipe off dirt on their visor, thanks to you, they’ll be using their on-the-go visor cleaning kit.

A clean visor makes for a smoother riding experience, and you can see the road ahead. It can also help get rid of insects, bugs, or oils.

Another gift option for the visor is a defogger which is particularly handy during winter. It helps to eliminate fog from clouding your visibility.

Helmet Bag

One such perfect gift for motorcycle riders that are very particular about their helmets is a helmet bag with a shoulder strap. This bag can protect their prized helmets from falls, damage, and stains.

When getting a bag for your loved one, watch out for waterproof ones with padding and soft lining that’ll help keep the helmet safe. 

Remember to get a bag that matches their style and personality. 


While a motorcyclist won’t be interested in reading about how Romeo fell for Juliet, they’ll dig a book about their beast!

Motorcyclists are proud of their art and machine – their ride and will love any opportunity to learn more about it. Plus, it gives them enough talking points in a conversation.

Motorcycle Tool Kit

Quick roadside repairs are inevitable for a motorcyclist; there’s always something waiting for a quick fix. 

Thus, gifting your loved one a portable motorcycle tool kit is a great idea; luckily, you can get one for $30 or less. You don’t have to break the bank. 

This is a good option for the gearheads, especially if you get something that fits their motorbike. However, they might relegate your gift to the background if it is something other than a brand they fancy.

Bluetooth Communication System

While earplugs are great, a Bluetooth communication system is an excellent gift option for motorcycle riders. 

Why? Because it’s usually even better to have some music on to combat the noise or to have something that helps communicate with your riding team.

h1 21.jpg
H1 Helmet Headset

The H1 Helmet Headset with Handlebar PTT is precisely what you need. It has a dedicated handlebar remote control with a PTT button that works with walkie-talkies and the Zello mobile app. Plus, it’s pegged at a budget-friendly price — around $30.

Phone Holder

While riding and constantly checking for directions, a phone holder is quite handy. These folks tend to turn up more lost than you think, plus having a phone in their jacket, pocket, or backpack doesn’t spell comfort or ease. 

But with a phone holder, they can easily access their phones without risking them falling off. If well positioned, it also offers a good view of their screen, making it easy for them to use a GPS if need be.

Anti-theft Motorcycle Lock

A stolen motorcycle will break any motorcyclist’s heart, but having an anti-theft lock isn’t always at the forefront of their minds. And that’s where you and your gifts come in.

Get them a motorcycle lock, but when it comes to lock, focus heavily on their specs and features, not just the price. An excellent anti-theft motorcycle lock doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Another thing to consider is the type of locks you plan on getting — u-lock, disc lock, chain locks, and anchors. The point is that having an anti-theft lock can help keep your loved one’s motorbike safe from thieves.

Motorcycle Gifts for Him

motorcycle rider

Collectible Wooden or Metal Bike Art

What’s better than helping them stock their collection with collectible wooden or metal bike art? Nothing!

Collectibles are an excellent option to consider for a motorcyclist who’s a collector or wants something artsy.

Personalized Wooden Motorcycle Model Puzzle

The 3D wooden motorcycle puzzle is a fun and educational DIY puzzle that your lover will cherish! It’s also budget-friendly. You can get one of these for him for $20 to $30.

What’s more? You can personalize it and request that his name or initials be engraved. If you want something more personal, you can ask for a short romance or love message for him.

PS: Try to get one made with birch plywood, smooth surfaces, and no adhesives.

Motorcycle Gifts For Her

riders 1

Motorcycle Boots

What kind of boots will she like? The best motorcycle boots for a female rider are the ones that fit her personality and motorcycle. 

If you’re not sure she’ll like what you’re considering getting her, then pick a better make of her current boots (if she owns any). Or you can pay more attention to her and find out that one boot she’s been waiting to have.

Hair Gloves

Nothing annoys female riders more than dealing with the aftermath of tangled or knotted hair after a ride. 

Hair gloves aren’t only easy to wear; they help keep their hair from tangling, knotting, and breaking.

Personalized Motorcycle Gifts

man painting helmet

Pre-paid Photoshoot of Them and Their Motorcycle 

In a world where motorcyclists are incredibly proud to show off their rides, a pre-paid photoshoot of their bike (with or without them) is a valid gift item.

Think of it as a thing of pride because it is for them when they behold some lit professional pictures of their rides. 

The pictures can exist in printed and digital forms, but it’s always a good idea to consider framing one of the pictures.

Drawing of Their Motorcycle

If a photoshoot isn’t tickling your fancy, how about a drawing of their motorcycle? This is a good idea if they’re really into their ride.

Don’t forget to frame this so it’ll be easy to hang up on the wall or keep on their bed order.

Amazon or eBay Gift Card — eBay is for Used and Cheaper Items

Still not sure if any of these gift ideas for motorcycle riders are good enough? It’s time to take the ball back into their court.

Gift them with an Amazon or eBay gift card and a sweet note. The gift card allows them to pick gear or anything they need for their motorcycle. 

While they enjoy the freedom to pick something that suits their style and ride, you’re worry-free about picking something they won’t like.

Final Thoughts 

If you choose to go with gear or accessories, ensure they’ll like it. It wouldn’t make sense to gift a biker who’s into badass outfits a pinkish t-shirt, would it?

Additionally, adding a note to any of the options above is worth considering. This makes for an even more pleasant gifting experience for them.

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